Fuer meinen profunden Maya-Kenner Carl Johan Calleman
von Traumfaenger am 14.03.2018 um 14:07 Uhr (Bearbeitet: 24.03.2018 13:15)

Leider ist Stephen nun gestorben ohne die "Theorie f√ľr alles" zu kennen.

Ich werde meine L√∂sung Schritt f√ľr Schritt mit meinem Freund Carl

erarbeiten und dann im Forum veröffentlichen. :-)



Hello Carl Johan,


Stephen Hawking out "A Brief history of time":


"If we should discover however such a complete theory, then their
basic principles would have to be so simple that everyone can understand
them, not only a handful of scientists. Then we all, philosophers, scientists and simple people become equally, at the discussion of the question, why we and the universe exist. If we could find the answer to it, that would be the ultimative triumph of the human insight - then we know God thoughts."


I'm very sad about the death of Stephen.
But now he's on the other side his mind is free

and God have answered him the three basic questions:



1. What was the state  b e f o r e  the birth of the multiverse?

2. What triggered the birth of the multiverse?
3. Why was the multiverse/universe created ?

Have you any idea ? Of course you can ask me too. I happen to know God's thoughts.   
Lovely greetings from Germany




Ich hatte gestern 23.03. eMail Kontakt mit Carl Johan und sende ihm heute den 1. Teil der Theorie. Seine Meinung ist mir sehr wichtig. Zu gegebener Zeit werde ich dann die komplette Theorie im Forum veröffentlichen.


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